The Fastest Most Convenient Most Efficient Most Affordable Way to Establish a UK Company with Online Business Banking

What is the UK Limited Company?

The UK Limited Company is a private company.  It is managed by directors and owned by shareholders.

Under the laws of the United Kingdom, the shareholders of the UK limited company enjoy limited liability.  This means that the shareholders are not personally liable for the unpaid debts of the UK limited company in most circumstances.  

What is included with the UK Limited Company service package?

We are pleased to offer a UK Limited Company service package.  This turnkey solution offers all of the following in one low, flat price:

Online Company Formation

Once you submit your information and payment, we immediately process your request with the UK Companies House.

Business Ready

Your company is fully qualified in the United Kingdom to commence business the moment it is registered.

Low, Flat Fees

One low, flat fee covers the registration of your UK Limited Company and essential maintenance for one full year. Each year thereafter, we charge a low, flat renewal fee to keep your business in good standing.

Electronic Document Delivery

All company formation and registration documents are electronically forwarded to you using our secure server.

Global Prestige

The UK limited company is recognized worldwide as a business enterprise with limited liability.

European Bank Account

We arrange an online business bank account for your new UK Limited Company with a European financial institution, complete with IBAN and SWIFT transfer capability.

What is the cost of the UK Limited Company service package?

First Year

The one-time fee for formation and registration, as well as maintenance for the first year, of the UK Limited Company is €349.

Each Subsequent Year

Shortly before the anniversary each year of your company’s formation, you will be charged €149 to renew the company’s registration with the UK Companies House and to maintain the company for the year.

Where can I obtain more information about the business bank account?

Please visit our European Bank Account Information Page for more details on the business bank account made available with this service package.

Rates are subject to change.  Bank account fees and charges are not included but are instead assessed separately by the financial institution.  For more information on bank account fees and charges, please see Bank Account Fees.