The Fastest Most Convenient Most Confidential Way to Obtain a Business Bank Account

About the Service Package

We are pleased to offer our separate series LLC package, an exclusive product available only through Paylight.  Simply put, there is no faster, more convenient method for opening a business bank account than Paylight’s Series LLC solution.

What is a separate series LLC?

Many jurisdictions now permit the formation of a type of entity known as a “series limited liability company,” or “series LLC.”  A “master” or “host” LLC sponsors one or more series of membership interests.  Each series maintains its own assets and liabilities, separate and distinct from any other series of the LLC.  

A separate series is its own legal business entity, separate and apart from the master LLC and any other separate series.  The separate series has its own members and managers, and it conducts its business affairs free from involvement of the master LLC or any other separate series of the same LLC.  Under Nevada law, the separate series offers limited liability protection for its members.

We maintain our master LLC in the State of Nevada, which offers the most innovative series LLC law anywhere in the world.  The State of Nevada does not impose taxes on the business operations of a separate series with no physical presence or transactions conducted in Nevada.

Why should I consider the Series LLC?

The separate series LLC offers a compelling value proposition:


Your separate series LLC can be formed on the same business day that you submit your order.  There is simply no faster way to form a limited liability business entity anywhere in the world!


Under Nevada law, a separate series LLC does not need to be registered with any public agency.  The master LLC is solely responsible for noting the formation of the separate series on its own books and records, which helps to ensure the privacy and anonymity for your separate series LLC.  

What is included in the service package?

Our Series LLC service package includes everything necessary to get your business bank account up and running, including:

Instant Company Formation

Our separate series LLC is simply the fastest way to form a company anywhere in the world! Your company formation documents are delivered to you electronically within minutes of your business day order.

Business Bank Account

We arrange for a business bank account for your separate series LLC with a European financial institution. We also include, at no additional charge, a personal bank account for the owner of the separate series LLC.

Separate Series LLC

Formation of a separate series LLC hosted by Paylight's own master LLC and governed under the laws of the State of Nevada (USA).

Series Certificate

We provide a Certificate of Separate Series Formation certified by Paylight's own master LLC and available for independent confirmation.

Low, Flat Fee

We charge one low, flat fee that covers all the essentials for one full year. Each year thereafter, one low, flat fee covers ongoing annual maintenance for your company.

Operating Agreement

All essential formation documentation is provided, including an operating agreement for the separate series LLC.

What is the cost for the separate series LLC?

First Year

The cost for establishing the separate series LLC in the first year is €269.

Each Subsequent Year

Shortly before the anniversary date of the formation of your separate series LLC each year, you will be billed €149.

Where can I obtain more information about the business bank account?

Please visit our European Bank Account Information Page for more details on the business bank account made available with this service package.

Rates are subject to change.  Bank account fees and charges are not included but are instead assessed separately by the financial institution.  For more information on bank account fees and charges, please see Bank Account Fees.