Bank Account Fees and Charges

We are delighted to be your service partner in arranging a bank account for your business entity. All of our Paylight service packages include the establishment of:

  • A business account at a European financial institution for your business entity, and
  • A personal account at a European financial institution for the owner of the business. 
Our service package fees do not include bank fees and charges, which are assessed separately by the financial institution.

Which Banks Do You Work With?

Paylight is pleased to be able to arrange personal and business accounts through UAB “UPLATA EU,” an electronic money institution licensed by the Bank of Lithuania.  UPLATA EU offers convenient, secure online banking, including the ability to send and receive IBAN and SWIFT transfers.  All funds are held with the Bank of Lithuania, a member of the European Central Banking System.  

What are the Bank Fees and Charges?

UPLATA EU sets its rates for customers based on their risk profile.  At the time of account opening, you will be assigned one of three possible risk profiles based on your country of residence, the source of your business income, and other factors.  Clients assigned to the lowest risk profile enjoy the most advantageous pricing.  Generally, you may expect to incur a one-time charge of as little as €99 to establish the account, and a one-time due diligence examination fee as low as €100.  Monthly fees typically start at €19.

For complete information, please consult the fee schedule provided by our partner electronic money institution.