Corporate Services in Lithuania

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  • May 23, 2021
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Paylight offers several low cost business formation solutions.  One of our most comprehensive services is the establishment of a Lithuanian limited liability company – known locally as the Uždaroji akcinė bendrovė (UAB).  By forming a Lithuanian UAB, clients of Paylight 

‍The minimum share capital required to establish a UAB in Lithuania is EUR 2,500.  This amount is deposited with a local bank pending completion of the company’s registration with the Lithuanian Corporate Registrar.

Limited Liability Company (UAB) may be founded by natural persons as well as legal persons (companies).

A limited liability company can change the type of economic activity without changing the incorporation documents. Certain types of businesses (oil trade, pharmaceuticals, alcohol and tobacco, gambling and lottery, financial services, etc.) require a license to operate.

‍The public limited company is called Akcinė bendrovė (AB). The minimum share capital required to establish a public limited liability company (AB) is EUR 25’000.

Paylar can open you a dedicated account where a shared capital for a new company can be accumulated. 

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